How To Buy Exquisite And Customary Indian Art Paintings

Indian art and paintings have a deep rooted historical relevance. Historians reveal that these art forms had originated way back in the pre-historic era. During 5500 B.C., the advent of Buddhism in the sub-continent gave rise to a brand new way of mural depiction. This was followed by the Mughal art that had a heavy Persian influence upon Indian art forms.Even today these intricate motifs from the by-gone era live on in traditional Indian paintings. Such Indian paintings dispense an aesthetic continuance that duly represents ancient Indian civilisation. That is why they hold a special place in the hearts of art lovers till the present day.Classification of Indian artFor all intents and purposes ancient Indian art forms used to be religious. But today these paintings have matured to become a splendid amalgam of numerous cultures. So one can classify all of them broadly into two categories namely murals and miniatures.•Indian murals: These are large works executed on the walls of solid structures. Paintings found on Ajanta Caves are a good example.•Miniature paintings: Miniature paintings are drawn in a small scale. They are mainly found in books, albums and garments on delicate material such as cloth and paper.•Mughal Paintings: They are a unique blend of Indian, Persian and Islamic styles.•Rajput Paintings: This painting originated in the royal ‘Rajputana’ courts of India. They are dedicated to nature, Hinduism, royalty, epics such as Ramayana and Mahabharata and also Lord Krishna’s life.•Mysore Paintings: These paintings depict classiness, muted colours and an intricate attention to detail. They mainly depict Hindu Gods and Goddesses.•Tanjore Paintings: It is a classical South Indian painting style that has been in practice since the Chola rule in 9th century. These paintings also focus on Indian mythology and today they are a souvenir during South Indian festivities.•Madhubani Paintings: It is practised in the Mithila region of Bihar. This art form is influenced by Hindu Gods and mythology, royal court scenes and social events such as marriages.•Pattachitra: It is the classical painting of Odisha that is highly influenced by the worship of Lord Jagannath. It revolves around the Vaishnavi cult and these murals depict mythological happenings, religious stories and folk lore.Where to buy Indian art and painting?Artists and art aficionados can visit several art portals online to avail all types of art related services. These portals render art services home/office décor. In these paintings, more emphasis is laid upon on interpretative items that underline the importance of Indian cultural heritage. So one can decorate a theme based set up or even a contemporary room with the art services rendered by such stores. After all, these websites deliver art pieces that are preferred by buyers themselves.However, paintings of Indian origin are regularly put-up on display at fine art galleries and arcades. Some of these places allow visitors to purchase art that remain indelible in people’s minds. One can also buy historic art from select outlets and online retailers. Best part about buying Indian art from online stores is that they are affordable and are in the best possible condition. So why wait any longer? Start searching for rare Indian art restored to their original condition and brand new paintings online today. In case they are admirable, buy them for a loved one.

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